Ubuntu Overland, Education through adventure:

Ubuntu Overland is a family project. A strong willingness to connect to people and nature carrying the ambition to raise our kids’ awareness about our planet and what really matters:
- Wildlife and animal species protection
- Healthcare and Education
- Energy and water sources
- Food supplies 
- Peoples and our ability to live together 
What about leaving our comfy home, put our jobs on hold, go off the beaten track and start an adventure to meet people and discover the world with our children?
We are willing to place adventure at the center of an educational project, to leave an unsettled parenthesis in full autonomy. 

« As far and different the other can be, the other is another myself »

Christiane Taubira

« The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes »

- Marcel Proust -

« “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal. »

- Paulo Coelho -


Inspiring projects to better understand our environment:

We know we have a lot to learn from Africa. In addition to the great encounters we will make on our way, we wish to identify a dozen of inspiring projects to illustrate the key themes we would like to explore further. 
A drinkable water pipe construction, a teaching program to engage young people to explore and embrace diversity, a giraffe protection awareness project, using the popularity of football to deliver health information, etc : there are plenty of inspiring projects on-going in Africa. 
Our ambition is to identify, discover, meet and talk about those projects to raise awareness and share with the greatest what would be the world of Tomorrow. 
Discover, learn and share together.

Our new house: a car and a trailer

We will be travelling with a 4x4 car and an equipped off road trailer. We will live in a 9 sqm space but looking at our garden, ‘sky will be the limit’.
Our bivouacs will have the taste of something unexpected, of wild nature from plains to altitude, of small villages as well as big cities sometimes, depending on the people we will meet and our inspiration.
We hope we will be lucky enough to eat some food cooked over a wood fire while we enjoy a fresh beer thanks to our solar panel powered fridge.

A responsible and sustainable tourism:

Aware that tourism can also have a negative impact if it doesn’t follow some important criteria, we would like to endorse a sustainable way of travelling with an environmentally friendly impact. 
- Before the trip: Being prepared and adapting ourselves to the destination
- During the trip: Being respectful to the local people, their culture, and their environment 
- After the trip: Encouraging peaceful dialogue between the different cultures 
Self-sufficient in electricity but dependent in fuel supply, we would like to work together with an organization that will help us to compensate our carbon footprint by investing in a sustainable project in one of the country we are going to visit.

The ‘Ubuntu’ philosophy:

The word ‘Ubuntu’ gathers most of the values we would like to find and share with our children during our trip.
Coming from the bantu language of South Africa, it refers to notions close to the idea of humanity and solidarity.
It could be defined as the inherent quality of being a person through other people and is often translated as "I am because we are", or "humanity towards others". 

Follow us:

With this project, we would like to do more than telling our story, we wish to share it together.
What led us to the idea of this adventure was truly inspired and nourished by what we read, seen, listened to and who we met through social media. We believe in that kind of exchanges if they are done the right way. 
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to share your story or recommendations.